What's it like to work at SyncBuildRun? You'll be getting in on the ground floor of a trend-setting entertainment software company. Our leadership has nearly 20 years experience successfully shipping products, with over a dozen video game titles launched (including properties like Harry Potter and Forza Motorsport), and our CEO was consistently rated a top manager by teams at Amazon, Playdom, and other Seattle-Area software companies.

We take our company culture seriously, and want to create the best possible working environment for a diverse group of talented and creative individuals. Our Company Values are straightforward:
  • Focus on the User. Their happiness and enjoyment is our primary goal. We start and finish by focusing on what makes for a great customer experience, and we build based on that.
  • Be Relentlessly Transparent with our data, our progress, our vision, and our status. Only by being open can we build a trustworthy environment dedicated to excellence.
  • Deliver Excellence. Challenge ourselves continuously to improve the quality of our technology and our content.
  • Progress over Motion. We value meaningful contributions and accomplishments over meetings and time-wasting activities.
  • No Difficult Geniuses. We create an environment of excellence, but we work together as a team. No person is too talented to excuse being a troublemaker.
  • Always Be All-In. Commit to the overall vision. Stand up for your beliefs, but when a decision is made, even if you disagree with it, commit to seeing it through to the highest standards.
We offer competitive compensation for contract staff, with full benefits and Full Time Positions to come in 2015. We're cool with remote workers. Our intent is to offer a transparent and rewarding Profit Sharing Plan once we ship our first project. We're currently lean and mean, but we know great people when we find them, and we'll fight to keep them engaged and working on products that excite and invigorate them.

Current Openings

We have no positions open at this time.

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